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Once-in-a-lifetime concept Once-in-a-lifetime concept

Once-in-a-lifetime concept

The unique: once-in-a-lifetime©™ concept The unique: once-in-a-lifetime©™ concept

The unique: once-in-a-lifetime©™ concept

Life is a journey! Life is beautiful but life also takes a man’s and a woman’s physical resources, and energy…
You grow up learning much, studying hard to find your place in society…
You work hard to built your career, you save money to buy the car of your dreams and built the home for you and your beloved…
Some of you also work out hard to keep fit and maintain health and beauty…
After years your children become adult, your garage is keeping a beautiful car and your home and garden is reflecting your hard work and success…


There was never time to perfectly care for one of your most used and necessary parts of your body…oral health…your gum and teeth…
Of course you have seen a dentist doing this and that or maybe you didn’t.
Somehow you always thought about getting the teeth of your youth back, or having beautiful teeth like the people on tv…

Your dentist can not fulfill this dream because:

• he never has more than 15minutes to talk because the waiting room is always crowded
• he is a good dentist but not experienced in complex treatments for demanding international patients
• his practice is always only doing small isolated treatments like a gum treatment, crowns or bridges, fillings or endodontics. At the end that all does not fit perfect for a Hollywood smile.
• he is definitely not able to treat bone, gum and teeth in one session with metal free non invasive biological dentistry

…what to do to also work out a perfect, beautiful, resistant Hollywood smile?

Follow the new way, join BERLIN-KLINIK, meet Professor Dr. Dr. Schermer, the highest in rank german oral surgeon and the pope of metal free aesthetics:

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The once-in-a-lifetime©™ concept

Once in life do the best you can for your oral health, once in life experience the most modern and pain free, metal free biologic total oral rehabilitation in Germanys top private hospital by Germanys top in rank opinion leader in biological dentistry and aesthetic dental implantology.

Inform yourself and compare! Inform yourself and compare!

Inform yourself and compare!

For more detailed information about the unique “once-in-a-lifetime©™ concept”, please e-mail directly Prof. Dr. Dr. Stefan Schermer the Head surgeon of BERLIN-KLINIK International Hospital and Dental Clinic:

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