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Implants Abroad & Dental Travel Germany Implants Abroad & Dental Travel Germany

Implants Abroad & Dental Travel Germany

Medical therapies and dental treatment in Germany Medical therapies and dental treatment in Germany

Medical therapies and dental treatment in Germany

If you are looking for dental implants abroad BERLIN-KLINIK is the first choice in experience, quality and natural beauty. BERLIN-KLINIK international Dental Clinic and Hospital wants to serve patients from abroad who are seeking for best medical treatment and best dental treatment in Germany. Inpatient treatment as well as Outpatient treatment and therapies. Satisfaction and best possible outcome – through medical treatment, through care and support services, as well as through the level of comfort and information. For the most comfortable management of your Medical Travel to Germany or your Dental Travel to Germany we provide the services of our International Office for patients from abroad. Health is becoming increasingly important, on a professional as well as a private level. Especially we experience increasing numbers of demanding foreigners looking for dental implants abroad. Health is much more than just the absence of illness. It is the prerequisite for the ability to achieve motivation and quality of life. The best possible health is therefore crucial and of vital interest. To support and assist you, we have developed special health checkups to achieve optimal and sustainable health through a systematic promotion of your health. At BERLIN-KLINIK international hospital, you will be examined by our specialists in a discrete and relaxed atmosphere. All of our check-up programs offer far more than just preventive care: They include meaningfully structured diagnostic tests using the latest techniques, providing you with the confidence that you are doing everything for your health. Dental treatment in Berlin at its best!

Highest quality standards

BERLIN-KLINIK International Hospital and Dental Clinic offers to you certified german medical performance, outstanding qualified Teams and a comfortable and pleasant Environment which meets the needs of patients from abroad. Our aim is adherence to the highest german and european quality standards of medical therapies and dental treatments and an on-going commitment to further development of these standards.

International Office for your dental tourism International Office for your dental tourism

International Office for your dental tourism

The expression dental tourism refers to travelling to another country to become dental care. A synonym may be the phrase dental travel. Generally patients look for a specialist in another country for s significant treatment like dental operations, periodontal diseases, the insertion of dental implants abroad, full ceramic dental crowns and dental bridges, aesthetic treatment or full ceramic dental veneers. Sometimes patients combine treatments with tourism, but BERLIN-KLINIK always recommend patients to prioritise the medical aspect which implies maximum compliance to the doctors advices, postoperative rest and a calm Environment. BERLIN-KLINIK International Office helps foreign patients to get the right therapy proposals. High satisfaction of patients and best possible medical outcome is the goal of BERLIN-KLINIK international hopspital and dental clinic. This is specifically valid for the dental implants and denthal prosthetic provision and care in the BERLIN-KLINIK international dental hospital. Full reconstruction of teeth and jaw through dental implants and immediate implants under general anaesthesia are routinely offered also to international patients. BERLIN-KLINIK medics offers complete accommodation and service packages to its international patients. This includes the invitation for medical therapy to the respective embassy/consulate of the home country, airport transfers, and experienced translators.

Criteria for a successful medical and dental treatment abroad Criteria for a successful medical and dental treatment abroad

Criteria for a successful medical and dental treatment abroad

3 main criteria are particularly important for your best possible outcome: 1.The skills and experience of the dentist and their assistants in the meaning of the number of operations/year. The more the dentist operates, the more experience they acquire and the better the result. For dental implants, choose a dentist who really specialises in this area and for whom it is not only an activity on the side. 2.The Quality of location and the quality of typical patients oft he Medical Director in the meaning of entitlement and social position of typical patients of the Hospital. A doctor who is treating a lot of people with low cost and low quality treatment may have good skills, but why does he only treat people from lower social level? Most of patients who travel far to find the best doctor want to be treated like maximal demanding patients! 3.The materials to be used in the Hospital. Certain implants and crowns for example are much more expensive than others as they are of lower quality. Do not compromise on material! BERLIN-KLINIK only recommends the use of highest quality implants from scientifically and clinically proven brands. The material used for a dental operation or an implant, and also for bridges and crowns has an impact on aesthetics, biocompetitivity and durability and also on the price! Discussing with your dentist, be careful when comparing different quotes because a international recogniced doctor who uses only top-of-the-range materials like high grade titanium, gold, ceramics or zirconoxyd is often more expensive than ist normal class competitors who use normal quality or lower quality materials. Even if they offer a “holiday” Treatment and if someone pays them a tv advertisement. A medical Treatment, especially a dental Treatment is never a “Holiday”. But with our 10 year international patients-experience and profession we will make it the most comfortable possible.

Cheapest offer never is the best quality offer

The most expensive treatment offer must not be the best quality offer – but the cheapest offer definitely NEVER is the best quality offer. In a country were nothing world known is produced and were quality levels generally are not high, how should there be a high quality dental treatment? In countries were people often go to buy cheaper or spend a cheap holiday, were people work for less money, it is not very likely that especially the medical treatment should be of highest quality.

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German Hospital Quality

A specialised german hospital usually corresponds to the worlds highest levels in education and disciplin of employees, equipment and material processings according to highest scientific and hygienic standards and patients security! The german state ruled and state authority controlled regulations of certification, evaluation and validation of medical products and medical facilities are the highest and most specific in the world. Some oft hem are among the leading hospitals of the world in their spcialities. Certified medical QM-Quality Management – The BERLIN-KLINIK International Hospital and International Dental Clinic has passed a quality certification accreditation process with brilliance for membership to “Berlin’s leading hospitals”. This is the passed quality management systems: “Cooperation for transparency and quality in health care” (KTQ), “European Foundation for quality management” (EFQM), and “Joint Commission International Accreditation” (JCIA). In addition, the BERLIN-KLINIK International Hospital and International Dental Clinic committed itself developed and constantly updated and improved quality standards. In 2012 the BERLIN-KLINIK is in the process of further qualification to pass the QM standards for further optimized hygienical and technical medical hospital management. So that an optimum medical and surgical therapie quality level and dental implantological treatment level – as well in outpatient as with inpatient therapies – to ensure highest level of outcome and well-being of patients.

How to inquire a quote for a treatment?

If you want a quote it is possible to receive a estimated price calculation upon an X-ray which shows all your teeth, the bone around and underneath them and cavities known as maxillary sinus. This is called OPG, panoramic x-ray or panoramic overview. It should be emailed to: or .This is the minimum which you need to provide a dental surgeon. The X-ray must be less than 3 – 6 months old and you must not have had any dental treatment since the X-ray. The X-ray is used not only to see the condition of your teeth but also of your bones which is essential for the insertion of dental implants and for periodontal treatments. Usually this allows for a quote and a treatment plan to be drawn up but keep in mind that this can only be a coarse calculation based upon a picture. For a more save offer it is often needed to do a clinical and sometimes computerized examination of your mouth, jaws and face.

BERLIN-KLINIK – Berlin's leading hospitals

The group of Berlin’s hospitals and clinics that organised itself as the NBMC offers comprehensive medical provision on highest levels and represents the City of Berlin internationally in its diversity and quality of potential therapies as capital of health. NBMC was supported by the Berlin Senator of Health of Berlin. The BERLIN-KLINIK Dental hospital is a member of the NBMC Berlin till 2012. Berlin hospitals like the highly specialised BERLIN-KLINIK international hopspital and dental clinic for Implants are taking international leading positions in all areas of medicine. Next to a high medical-technical standard it is above all the outstanding doctors and medical scientists that are successfully reaching extraordinary globally recognised accomplishments. The NBMC is unifying these specialists in diagnostics and therapy in the health capital Berlin. However, successful recovery is not only dependent on medical knowledge but also professional care of international patients. The members of NBMC therefore offer their patients comprehensive – matched to international patient’s requirements – medical care whose standard is based on continuous quality control.

Medical and dental travel to Germany

We guarantee that none of your personal information will be given to third parties: Surname, Name, and date of birth. Principal diagnoses and side diagnoses and already existing medical documents (e.g. diagnostic findings, x-rays, digital x-rays).On the basis of the information and data provided we compile and mail you a cost proposal without obligation. This will include: Information about examination and treatment, therapeutic proposals, duration of treatment, approximate costs, prepayment amount and the bank details of the clinic.When you have decided for treatment at the BERLIN-KLINIK Dental hospital we will ask you for a transfer of the prepayment amount. After confirmation of receipt of payment and upon request we will send a letter of invitation and further documents for you and an accompanying person for the application of a medical visa. We will then coordinate your dates of arrival, surgery and check-up. Whether outpatient or in clinic, with or without additional services such as airport transfer, ambulance transport or hotel bookings. The BERLIN-KLINIK Team will upon request also assist you with the organization of accommodation for your accompanying person in the hospital or a hotel. At the end of the treatment you will receive a final bill for the medical services completed. Should the bill be higher than on the cost quote, we will ask you to settle the additional amount either in cash or by credit card. Should the bill be smaller, you will obviously receive the difference back.

International Patients Agencies and Medical Travel Agencies

BERLIN-KLINIK is interested in cooperation with international patient agencies. More specifically, we seek cooperation regarding placement of patients for preventative examinations and medical check-up, placement of patients for medical diagnostics, patients for a ‘second opinion’ placement of patients for therapy in Berlin, and placement of patients for rehabilitation in Berlin. We offer all possible details and data to cooperate with us international. We are in direct contact with state authorities to help patients to come to germany fast and secure: BERLIN-KLINIK offers agency provision of patients for preventive examination and general check-up, BERLIN-KLINIK offers agency provision of patients for diagnosis and further diagnostics, BERLIN-KLINIK offers “second opinion” transmission of medical documents and x-rays, BERLIN-KLINIK offers agency provision of patients for treatment, BERLIN-KLINIK offers agency provision of patients for rehabilitation.

BERLIN-KLINIK medical cooperations

BERLIN-KLINIK international hospital is also interested in a co-operation with physicians, insurance companies, patient agencies and travel agencies. We offer check-ups, all kinds of medical and dental treatment and rehabilitation at the highest level. We are specialised in bone reconstruction, Implants, Implantology, Teeth Mouth and Jaw-surgery and all Plastic and Esthetic surgery. We have speacial diagnostic and treatment packages for abroad patients. BERLIN-KLINIK also provides ontinuing Education and advanced training for doctors. NBMC-hospitals, amongst them the BERLIN-KLINIK, offer foreign colleagues training and work shadowing in the stated areas of expertise. In some areas also the recognised medical specialist advanced training: Ask for educational programs: For doctors and dentists. For care personnel and medical assistance personnel. For Medical management, hospital management, and health management in the following fields: Anaesthesia, obesity surgery, General surgery, Diabetes Mellitus, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Vascular Surgery, Gynaecology, Otorhinolaryngologist, Incontinence surgery, Cardiology, Children Cardiology, MKG Surgery, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Neurourology, Thorax surgery, Oncology, Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology, Oral surgery, Plastic Surgery, Prosthetics Germany, Proctology, Stomatology, Urology, Visceral Surgery, Implant Dentistry.