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WELCOME to your certified 1st class dentistry and implantology in Germany

from dh to inpatient / outpatient total anaesthesia dental rehabilitation



BERLIN-KLINIK International Hospital Germany
for oral surgery, maxillofacial surgery and aesthetic- and reconstructive plastic surgery

BERLIN-KLINIK international Dental Clinic Germany ... your Dentist in Germany
for dental implantology, bone reconstruction, periodontology and aesthetic dentistry




BERLIN-KLINIK means first class medical treatment and first class dental treatment in Germany for sophisticated international patients. Our competence and experience for your health and safety.

 provides an internet-platform to meet the team of the german BERLIN-KLINIK International Hospital and Dental Clinic Germany, as well as to supply information on diagnostics, therapeutic treatment and offers, and our general health and rehabilitation services for international patients. For comfortable scheduling and medical- and dental travel to Berlin / Germany we offer the service of our international offices. As an international Hospital and Dental Clinic we are official partners in international health care treatment and dental treatment for Russian authorities and agencies as well as the US Department of State, US Embassy Berlin and Tricare US Army and US Military Police health care. We have also started to work with the Scandinavian authorities offering German health care programs and dental treatment strategies tailored to requirements and needs. We offer internationally recognised medical treatments to international patients and cooperate with numerous professional health care agencies worldwide



BERLIN KLINIK is a state-licensed and internationally recognised Berlin Hospital and Dental Clinic for oral maxillofacial surgery and plastic surgery including periodontology, aesthetic dentistry, endodontics and high end  dental implantology. Our facilities enable us to offer both inpatient treatments and outpatient treatments also for dental-fear patients and high-risk patients. The following pages contain texts and data pertaining to all the fields of our specialisations. This can sometimes seem a bit complicated and confusing due to technical terminology. However, we aim to provide you with understandable and structured yet comprehensive information about the hospital and our specific areas of expertise. We have taken great care to make all information as easily understandable and intuitive as possible. If you have any questions, queries or would like more information on specific treatments, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Our entire team is looking forward to your visit.



Please, tell us about your problems or requirements without any obligation. Our efficient therapies and solutions are based on long-term experience and state-of-the-art computer technology. Computerized equipment for analysis, 2D and 3D digital x-ray technology, DVT and CT-diagnostics and treatment and of course guided by many years of experience. Internationally recogniced highly qualified medical and dental physicians tailor the most up-to-date medicine to you individually and effectively. Our inpatient and outpatient medical and dental treatments are minimally invasive and follow the methods and teachings of holistic medicine. Wheather in local anaesthesia or in full anaesthesia. The whole always is the sum of its parts...Visit us and tell us about your needs and wishes - we will listen to you carefully and offer you a solution.



Important healthcare information

Please do not confuse medical terms like 'Clinic' and KLINIK: In Germany you will mostly find the following medical facilities : Praxis, Praxisgemeinschaft, Gemeinschaftspraxis, Medizinisches Versorgungszentrum, Poliklinik, Praxisklinik, Tagesklinik and Klinik / Krankenhaus. Concepts and descriptions such as: 'Spezialisten', 'Experten', 'Zentrum' or 'Clinic' - (specialists, experts, centre or Clinic) are NOT professional descriptions by law or legal terms for medical facilities in Germany. Praxis means practice, the establishment of a medical practitioner, Praxisgemeinschaft and Gemeinschaftspraxis mean practice-groups or multiple (private) doctors in practice. Medizinisches Versorgungszentrum, Tagesklinik and Poliklinik means a proup of practitioners who share outpatient / ambulance facilities. Only Klinik or Krankenhaus has the meaning of hospital which is in Germany a state-approved facility to the comprehensive out-patient and in-patient treatment. It is supervised by the state Health Department and the state authorities. Notice: 'Clinic' means nothing in Germany! It is a free description which is not under control of state authorities. And it does NOT describe inpatient treatment facilities. Some Klinik / Krankenhaus use the word 'Clinic' only in their english translated texts and documents - or maybe to be found in english internet - in German descriptions of facilities it is not legal! It is often misused to suggest that the facility is more than a practice. Klinik / Krankenhaus can be under state-, church- or private-administration. Klinik / Krankenhaus can be a  maximum-care facility with several hundred beds, or small specialized like BERLIN-KLINIK or KLINIK am Wittenbergplatz.




Inform yourself and compare!


Dr. Dr. Stefan Schermer Experte Implantologie Implantat Berlin Implantate Implants Berlin Implant Sofortimplantat
Professor (GUU) Dr. Dr. Stefan Schermer
Head Surgeon and University Senior Lecturer

Medical Director  BERLIN KLINIK International Hospital




All art begins with the necessities. Goethe

German Dentistry dental implants high end implantology and bone reconstruction total dental rehabilitation in full anaesthesia from german medical and dental specialists at BERLIN KLINIK Dental Clinic and International Hospital