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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Germany Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Germany

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Germany

Plastic-Aesthetic Surgery in Germany Plastic-Aesthetic Surgery in Germany

Plastic-Aesthetic Surgery in Germany

Getting older is inevitable and desired in life. Some people age earlier visually, while others are lucky and appear young for a longer time. Many people want to look younger and fresher, as they used to just a few years ago. Appearance, pigmentation and structure of your skin change with increasing age. Similar as with teeth. For rejuvenation of teeth there are ceramic Veneers and dental Implants. For the skin there is modern, minimal invasive skilled plastic surgery. This natural physiological process can be postponed, mitigated and slowed down by plastic surgery and aesthetic surgery at BERLIN-KLINIK. Wrinkles, drooping eyelids, lachrymal sacs and flaccid tissue are the typical signs of aging. Thorough knowledge, skills and experience as well as professional hygiene are absolute requirements. Plastic surgery and aesthetic surgery at BERLIN-KLINIK International Hospital offer a variety of safe, tried and tested methods to correct annoyances in the face and to adjust it to one’s own beauty ideal. The first objective of BERLIN-KLINIK cosmetic surgery: … we want you to look natural, and not as if you had surgery! Faces change in proportion as well over the course of life. The tissue volume drops to the lower part of the body, and the formerly narrow shape turns oval. Accordingly, BERLIN-KLINIK aesthetic surgery not only wants to tighten skin but also return your naturally youthful proportions. To make your face not only tight, but also fresh and relaxed, plastic-aesthetic surgery has an entire range of more or less efficient methods available. They are used – sometimes in combination – depending on individual findings for the best results.

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Highest competence and qualification

BERLIN-KLINIK International Hospital Plastic Surgery Department as a state licensed hospital for oral and maxillofacial surgery and plastic operations offers the entire range of aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery based on highest competence and qualification. We offer our certified scientific and clinical know-how as well as international proven and published skills for your safety and implementation of your outcome and wellness.

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Nerve reconstruction in Berlin

BERLIN-KLINIK International Hospital Plastic Surgery Department is offering you state oft he art highest level plastic and aesthetic surgery for damaged and defect nerve structures as for example with a plastic surgery procedure called Baby-Sitter-Procedure a healthy and non injured nerve, especially suitable for this is the hypoglossal nerve – the motor of the tongue muscles, is redirected in such a way that the paralyzed side of the face is re-innervated. As a result, the function of the affected nerve can be compensated. The newly attached hypoglossal nerve takes over the function of the damaged nerve, reason for degradation of the mimic muscles, leading to the survival of the end-organ called nerve endings. Muscles that are not activated, because of damages of the nerves that innervate them, will gradually be wasted. In the case of a facial paralysis, the mimic musculature can be brought back to life and restored through a successful reconstruction. This though, can only take place in a specific time window, before a certain “point of no return” is reached. For this reason, our goal is to achieve a revitalization of the facial nerve through microsurgical procedures and as a consequence to save the mimic muscules as soon as possible. By doing so, the denervation time of the muscles will be shortened and therefore the mimic muscle decay avoided. This hypoglossal-facial-jump-nerve anastomosis though is only supportive and does not represent a permanent solution. In its nature it is not physiologic and therefore not ideal. As a result, plastic surgery currently follows a new therapeutic approach concerning the treatment of facial nerve paralysis where the hypoglossal facial jump nerve anastomosis can be reversed. In this technique known as a cross-face-transfer, at the same time with the jump nerve anastomosis, a donor nerve from the lower leg will be placed under the facial skin,and used to connect the two halves of the face.The healthy half of the face to the paralysed half of the face. After a period of 6 to 8 months, nerve sprouts from the healthy side will grow into the paralysed side. At this point, the jump nerve anastomosis will be dissolved and the hypoglossal nerve relocated to its original position. As a next step, the cross face transfer will completed by a microsurgical suture of the healthy facial nerve to the damaged one. By doing so, the jump nerve anastomosis, between the facial and hypoglossal nerve, is used only as a temporary “bridge-connection” until the necessary time period for nerve impulses from the healthy side of the face can reach and therefore be used from the paralysed side. The cross-face procedure provides the advantages of synchronous innervation of the face through impulses of the opposite healthy side. Further anatomic reconstruction, since the hypoglossal nerve is not primarily responsible for the movement of the mimic muscules. And also avoidance of involuntary movement of the face during tongue movements.

Direct Nerve neurotization

BERLIN-KLINIK International Hospital Plastic Surgery Department is offering you state oft he art highest level plastic and aesthetic surgery for nerve neurotization. Sometimes it is possible to restore microsurgically the continuity of the facial nerve. This can be accomplished though only when the nerve damage is recent or when there are no pre-existing nerve damages. If possible we use nerve grafts, specifically the sural nerve from the lower leg, which after being harvested is sutured in the damaged area and consequently the continuity of the nerve pathway is restored. Occasionally though, when the nerve damage is caused from a central tumor, for example cerebellopontine angle tumors, this is not possible and a microsurgical connection to the facial nerve of the opposite healthy side is demanded in order to lead to the formation of new nerve sprouts from the healthy to the damaged facial side

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About the qualification to be a plastic surgeon

Notice: The term of “Schönheitschirurg” (cosmetic surgeon) is not protected by law in Germany. Anyone who considers himself qualified may use it. And for example a ENT-surgeon with the additional qualificaton “plastic operations” is NOT a “Plastic-and-Aesthetic Surgeon” Therefore, BERLIN-KLINIK asks you to gather information and compare offers! HERE a senior lecturer of plastic aesthetic surgery following the law and federal medical training rules in Germany.

Plastic surgery should be wellness surgery

Having an attractive, youthfully fresh face is often decisive for feeling comfortable in our skin, as well as of our perception by others. It is the focus of our everyday lives: Often, our faces are the only part of our bodies not covered by clothing. Even non-verbal communication takes place mainly using the face! We look the people we talk to in the face, observe and assess them even subconsciously by their face. Drooping eyelids, too large a nose, too small lips, prominent ears or wrinkles may influence the non-verbal impression our environment has of us. In particular in the face, skin ages visibly at a younger age. Because the face is exposed to environmental influences, the sun and life in general with relatively little protection, and can hardly be covered. Sometimes, we learn to live with these small defects or characteristics or even love them as part of ourselves. Often, however, people consider these individual peculiarities as annoying, lose self-confidence and may even become more reluctant towards others and less outgoing.


Botox, botulinum toxin A, is a tried and tested, secure and highly efficient medical product for non-operative and non-surgical wrinkle correction of dynamic facial wrinkles. It is available for aesthetic therapies at BERLIN-KLINIK International Hospital and Dental Clinic for plastic surgery as well. Botox therapy at BERLIN-KLINIK for plastic surgery is the currently most efficient non-surgical minimally invasive way of reducing wrinkles – even during lunch break or after work: Botox-to-go!

The Botox effect

What kind of effective substance is Botox botulinum toxin A? Botulinum toxin A is the simplified designation of a group of neurotoxin proteins produced by clostridium botulinum bacteria strains. A strongly neurotoxic exotoxin, they are among the strongest toxins in the world. Botox blocks specific nerve impulses. Overdosage will cause death by respiratory paralyses, turning Botox into a highly sensitive medical product that is only applied by physicians with the corresponding further training at BERLIN-KLINIK. Injecting botulinum toxin A into a muscle through skin wholly or partially relaxes the muscle temporarily. Other nerve functions required for sensation, feeling and temperature perception are not affected. Botox inhibits or blocks the transfer of impulses through nerves to muscles. Medicine makes use of the consequences of this. Tense muscles in the face relax and wrinkles smoothen out. Botulinum toxin has been successfully used in medicine for pain therapy and therapy of movement disorders, dystonia, for more than 20 years. Botox treatment in the face usually serves therapy of dynamic facial wrinkles, laugh lines, mimic lines. BERLIN-KLINIK offers perfect treatment for nearly any type of wrinkle. Treatment of dynamic facial wrinkles – wrinkles caused by activity of the facial muscles – used to be particularly difficult. Forehead, eye, nose, chin, neck and mouth regions are affected by these. Facial lines that are not too prominent yet can be reduced with Botox. Sunken skin tissue of lines and scars appears lifted up because there are no contractions of the treated muscles, and the skin appears smoother.

Botulinum toxin for relaxed but natural facial expression

Targeted botulinum injection at BERLIN-KLINIK International Hospital and Dental Clinic, Dept. for plastic surgery, gently reduces facial expression-related muscle activity, smoothing the affected skin areas. Forehead and scowling lines, as well as crow’s feet can be visibly reduced without limiting the range of expressions. At the same time, botulinum treatment prevents formation of new lines. The effect starts after a few days and will usually persist for about 6 months. Then you can decide to have the treatment repeated if you wish. Your health and satisfaction are of the top priority for us! Therefore, we only use proven and safe effective substances for all applications, and remain at the latest state of the art.

Botox Therapy Repetition

At regular repetition of Botox treatment under a physician’s supervision at BERLIN-KLINIK, muscle contraction intensity will reduce, and the wrinkles forming will be less deep, so that your facial lines will be removed for increasingly long periods of time. We offer you cost-efficient individual annual Botox therapy packages. Contact us regarding the therapy’s costs. Botox wrinkle treatment is ideally performed by a state-certified specialist for plastic surgery. From own experience, BERLIN-KLINIK International Hospital and Dental Clinic plastic surgery advises against having Botox treatment performed by anyone without plastic-surgery training and facial surgery experience. Botox is a strong nerve toxin and not a cosmetic article for home use!


More and more people want to have their face looking as fresh, youthful and natural as they feel. Over the years, however, time becomes apparent on your face. Wrinkles, flaccid skin and form changes occur. A facelift at BERLIN-KLINIK for plastic surgery may correct such changes and turn back the clock. We will gladly consult you and explain the different techniques. This is a subject in which there are very different surgery methods with different final results. BERLIN-KLINIK International Hospital Plastic Surgery Department is offering you state oft he art highest level plastic and aesthetic surgery for your face all over up to hair transplantation. A facelift is popular among patients where the aging process has lead to the formation of face fine lines and wrinkles. Through a facelift the motion vector of the face will be directed towards the cheek bone and the ear area and will no longer be pulled downwards through gravitational forces. The incision of the face lift surgery are therefore made and hidden in front of and behind the ear. During this procedure, sagged muscles are tightened and resuspended in front of the ear and on the cheek bone, leading to a stable and long term effect and result. Alternatively, when the neck and areas beneath the chin are not affected, and the target areas are only those around the nose, eyes and corners of the mouth, the skilled plastic surgeon can perform a mid face lift. This procedure can be combined with a lower eyelid lift since the surgical incisions are simple, small and with no considerable scar formation risk. It is of great importance that the performing plastic surgeon has received a microsurgical training. The surgeon should also have experience concerning nerve reconstruction procedures after nerve damage and paralysis so that the patients risk is lowered and he is protected best possible during the operation from possible nerve damage and trauma. The nerves of the face are responsible for the mimic and face expressions which through a face lift are emphasized.

About Facelift Germany

The face and hands are unprotected parts of the body, exposed to the sun and environmental influences every day. Solar UV-radiation, as well as polluted air, will leave its traces on our faces by accelerating and increasing natural skin aging. An unhealthy lifestyle regarding recovery rhythms, smoking and bad nutrition may also negatively influence skin aging. Even if you lead a healthy life and regularly treat your facial skin with protective care products, you cannot prevent wrinkles from forming. For years, plastic surgery has been dealing with options of making aged skin look fresh, vital and youthful again. Tensioning the skin of the face and neck usually makes a person look much younger. Facelifts are the best-known method of facial rejuvenation. A facelift can be performed as complete facial tightening or applied to specific areas particularly subject to aging processes, in the form of individual forehead lifts, cheek lifts, neck lifts or mini-facelifts. Comprehensive anamnesis and diagnosis are required before a facelift to make a decision on the surgery method and the type of anaesthesia. The result is also essentially influenced by your cooperation and positive contribution!

Surgery methods Facelift Germany

Facelifts at BERLIN-KLINIK International Hospital and Dental Clinic for plastic surgery are performed under general anaesthesia, ITN, TIVA or local anaesthesia, depending on the scope of treatment. The following is a selection of treatments available: Subcutaneous facelift, subcutaneous facelift with tightening of the SMAS, Skoog facelift, subcutaneous facelift with deep SMAS, composite facelift, MACS-facelift, subperiosteal facelift, temporal subperiosteal facelift, forehead lift. SMAS is short for superficial-muscular aponeurotic system. As compared to superficial facelift procedures, this method will lead to more permanent results. The SMAS facelift not only tightens the outer skin layer that would quickly lose elasticity again due to the skin aging process, but in particular the unit of muscle tissue, connective tissue and tendons below the skin to create a basis for the epidermis. MACS is short for minimal access cranial suspension. This is a minimally invasive surgical procedure reduced to cuts in the ear area that falls within the surgical facelift versions.

Facelift surgery

For a facelift in the upper area of the face, forehead and eye area at BERLIN-KLINIK for plastic surgery, a portion of the scalp is shaved and the cut placed where it will be concealed by hair later, followed by tightening of the skin. Additionally lifting muscles and periosteum, weakening or removing muscles may be sensible to remove vertical forehead lines as well. This may lead to cutting of nerves and temporary or permanent loss of sensation. In the mid-face area and the neck, the tightening effect is achieved by cuts in a natural facial line before the ear, in the area of the earlobe or behind the auricle and along the hairline in the neck. After surgery, the cuts are sutured, stapled or bonded. Considerable swelling and bruising that will persist for some time must be accepted. The treated area of the head is bandaged. A very low-risk but less effective version is skin rejuvenation using Botox and hyaluronic acid. Usually, these measures are combined for best results.

Liquid-Lift Germany

Injectable substances in plastic aesthetic surgery. BERLIN-KLINIK International Hospital Plastic Surgery Department is offering you state of the art highest level plastic and aesthetic surgery for your whish for a skin filler treatment also called „liquid lift” with hyaluronic acids and various injectable substances in different procedures. Fillers that are used to soften facial creases and wrinkles, improve the appearance of recessed scars, enhance shallow contours and restore the face’s youthful appearance. Mainly substances that are found in our bodies are used such as Hyaluronic acid or human fat. Human fat is extracted by liposuction procedure from excessive fat deposits from different body parts and then injected in the face through a fine needle. Botox as a purified Botulinum toxin is another injectable substance that produces a muscle relaxation of the injected sites. The effect of Botox lasts from 3 to 6 months. In this time through relaxation of the facial muscles, creases of the skin are decreased and future wrinkle formation is being avoided. There are diverse reasons for the decision for large-scale correction in the face without using surgery. All indentations and flaccid areas can be treated surgically or non-surgically with hyaluronic acid products or muscle-relaxant and inhibiting medication like Botox, botolinum toxin or lipofilling at BERLIN-KLINIK International Hospital and Dental Clinic for plastic surgery. All experience shows that a face is assessed as young and attractive when it is shaped ovally, symmetrically and with high cheeks. These are signs of youth, vitality and health. Full lips are also a sign of youth and vitality. The reasons for facial rejuvenation without surgery at BERLIN-KLINIK are usually: There is no anaesthesia, no surgery and therefore, there are also no cuts and scars. Patients can work again quickly after treatment and the treatment can be repeated any number of times lower cost as compared to surgical facelifts apply as well. However, this treatment is not without risks either. Risks are individually discussed, as for surgical facelifts. Treatment will make your face look softer and fresher, while skin quality and skin tone improve. The skin becomes more elastic and appears tighter. The lifting effect is caused by large-area injection of hyaluron or own lipid alone. Not only hyaluronic acid has a lifting effect, but Botox products like Vistabel, Azzalure, Bocouture, and Dysport will also effectively contribute to a reduction of wrinkle number and depth by relaxing muscles. Botox treatment usually does not cause strong swelling or bruising of the skin. Both Botox and hyaluron can be combined in a single treatment. However, hyaluronic acid and Botox can never have the efficiency of a deep SMAS facelift. This is a fact the patient must consider.

Wrinkle Therapy Germany

Gentle rejuvenation – for a naturally fresh and youthful appearance. Fresh appearance expresses health, attractiveness and ability to perform. However, in the course of the aging process, the skin loses elasticity and tension – wrinkles form, facial features appear tired and the skin structure loses its youthful appearance. Although this aging process is perfectly natural, many people feel the need to look as young as they feel again. The gentle wrinkle therapy offered at BERLIN-KLINIK’s Department for plastic surgery therefore wants to gently give you back the youthful looks you want to have. We always work in harmony with your natural facial features and individual preferences and needs. The wrinkle specialists at BERLIN-KLINIK use a combination of tried and tested, scientifically approved filling substances like hyaluronic acid (e.g. Restylane®, Emervel®) and botulinum toxin (e.g. Azzalure®), always for the benefit of our patients. BERLIN-KLINIK offers tried and tested, efficient treatment of wrinkles, anti-wrinkles injection, Botox therapy, laser treatment against wrinkles. The human skin is exposed to very individual environmental influences. Solar irradiation and the harmful substances in the environment are some of the outer influences our skin is continually exposed to. These influences, as well as physical aging of the skin, will cause the skin to grow flaccid and wrinkles to form. There are two types of wrinkles: Gravitation lines appear due to outer influences and gravitation, while expression lines appear due to facial muscle activity depending individually on the structure, fat ratio and moisture content of the skin, making the skin look older. We offer therapy concepts for your well-being for both gravitation and expression lines. Read on:

Hyaluronic acid treatment Germany

BERLIN-KLINIK International Hospital and Dental Clinic for plastic surgery and BERLIN-KLINIK for aesthetic surgery use not only Botox but also modern, gentle hyaluronic acid filler products aligned with nature. Medical hyaluronic acid is a diverse medical product. Hyaluronic acid is used not only to treat wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid is used in dental medicine, in particular in parodentology, for gingivitis and parodontitis therapy. In particular, hyaluronic acid also supports therapy of persistent parodontal pockets. Hyaluronic acid supports tissue regeneration in the oral cavity. After extracting teeth, hyaluronic acid may promote healing. In implantology, hyaluronic acid is used for periimplant follow-up care. Hyaluronic acid may also support laser therapy. For wrinkle treatment, hyaluronic acid is used as a biodegradable hyaluronic acid gel. Hyaluronic acid fillers, called dermafillers, are injected under the skin and fill up annoying wrinkles at once. Dermafillers will give you a friendly, soft and natural look. You will see the difference quickly after a treatment with hyaluronic acid dermafillers.

Hyaluron against lost volume and lost moisture

Hyaluronic acid is a substance produced naturally in the body and a natural component of our skin. Its strong ability to bind water makes the skin look youthfully voluminous and supple. With increasing age, the body’s own hyaluronic acid share drops, causing wrinkles. Targeted hyaluron injections gently refill the deposits at the affected areas of the face, such as forehead, cheeks, below the eyes or the lips. The cushioning and rejuvenating effect is visible at once and will usually be maintained for many months without affecting your natural features. Unusual regions like neck, hands, earlobes and cleavage can also be effectively rejuvenated with Hyaluron. Feel free to make a non-binding consulting appointment with BERLIN-KLINIK, department for plastic surgery. At this informational meeting, we can determine in detail what you would like to change and what we as aesthetic specialists can do for you.

Hyaluronic acid at BERLIN-KLINIK

After treatment with hyaluronic acid at BERLIN-KLINIKInternational Hospital and Dental Clinic, the wrinkles in your face, cleavage, neck and hands will be reduced or smoothed. If you also want lip enhancement, you will find that hyaluronic acid therapy at BERLIN-KLINIK will make your lips appear fuller and better defined. After hyaluronic acid injections in the cheeks, your cheeks will appear fuller and your face will look younger. This treatment has long-term results. One anti-wrinkle injection at BERLIN-KLINIK may last for up to 12 months! Particularly the facial skin is continually exposed to environmental influences in your environment and at work: sun, wind, cold, heat… pollution, exhaustion, hormonal and psychological influences will affect your skin, its tone and appearance. Additionally, the natural hyaluronic acid content of your skin will continually decrease, the unavoidable aging process and increasing loss of moisture leads to wrinkles around the mouth, nose, cheeks, chin and lips, making you look older and more tired. BERLIN-KLINIK hyaluronic acid therapy has a healing and regulating effect by giving your skin moisture from the inside out and returning elasticity and suppleness. Hyaluronic acid treatment at BERLIN-KLINIK will quickly recover lost volume and smooth out wrinkles.

Volume build-up and cheek modelation at BERLIN-KLINIK

Lost volume is recovered in a naturally appearing manner by Hyaluron injections. BERLIN-KLINIK’s Department for plastic surgery uses a special blunt cannula that moves through tissue gently without injuring any sensitive areas, making the treatment much more comfortable for patients. Gentle volume build-up permits shaping and emphasising cheeks and chin with Hyaluron to give them a youthful appearance with naturally supple contours. The mouth is often at the centre of attention. However, it is particularly subject to aging, because due to the effects of sun and wind, as well as because it is moved all the time when laughing and speaking. A hyaluron filler can re-create its lost volume, smooth wrinkles or return moisture to your lips.

Hydrobalance and skin rejuvenation at BERLIN-KLINIK

Special liquid hyaluron skin boosters are able to smoothen your skin from the inside in a natural appearing and gentle manner to make you look radiatingly fresh. Refilling the body’s own hyarulon deposits below the skin permits re-creation of the skin moisture balance and improving elasticity and structure. The skin appears smoother and more supple, looking youthfully radiant again. In clinical use at the BERLIN-KLINIK’s Department for plastic surgery and in scientific studies, skin boosters have been proven to improve skin quality. They can be used to rejuvenate the skin of the face, cleavage and hands. Both the cleavage and neck are regions where the skin is thin and sensitive. Both areas are also constantly subject to environmental influences like solar irradiation and therefore particularly sensitive to signs of skin aging. Treatment with hyaluron skin boosters at the BERLIN-KLINIK’s department for plastic surgery effectively counters fine wrinkles and sun-damaged skin by re-establishing the moisture balance and improving skin quality.

Dermalfiller Berlin Germany

BERLIN KLINK International Hospital and Dental Clinic Dermafillers imitate the moisturising and tightening effect of the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid, which keeps the skin moist and elastic. These hyaluronic acid dermafillers can fill up and smooth out facial lines. Hyaluronic acid can also correct acne scars and replace lost volume. Static facial lines are due to loss of skin elasticity due to harmful solar irradiation, excessive solarium visits, smoking or genetic disposition. Static facial wrinkles can be filled with hyaluronic acid gel and clearly reduced. All kinds of wrinkles and lines, the traces of time give a face character. In some cases, however, they are also perceived as annoying. Hyaluron fillers can quickly improve your looks in the long term. Treatment with a customised filler can smooth worry and forehead creases and return a fresh look to your tired eyes by gentle lifting. Nasolabial creases can be visibly smoothed, the corners of your mouth lifted, radial creases of the mouth gently removed. Sometimes, minimally-invasive injection to smooth wrinkles and lines is the best beauty treatment. Whatever you need, the BERLIN-KLINIK’s department for plastic surgery offers the right solution for best results.

Hyaluronic acid adverse effects

Like all medical treatments, application of hyaluronic acid may also have adverse effects. Hyaluronic acid is injected under the skin with a thin needle. Generally, this process is simple. Right after treatment, there may be swelling, bruising or reddening. There may be temporary discolouration in the treated area, the swelling and reddening may be stronger than expected. But do not fear – after a few days, the swelling will be gone, bruising disappears and you will be able to admire the treatment results.

Chin correction - mentoplasty BERLIN-KLINIK

BERLIN-KLINIK International Hospital Plastic Surgery Department is offering you state oft he art highest level plastic and aesthetic surgery for your chin. The chin rounds up the appearance of the face and gives through its position at the lower face margin an overall distinctive image. Often men complaint about a lack of chin prominence. In this case industrial proceeded medical silicon implants (for example) can be used in order to emphasize the form of the chin and as a result give the face an interesting and more distinctive appearance. In the case of a double chin, excess tissue extends beneath the jaw line so that the face appears round and fat. This excessive fat or loose, sagging skin can be through a liposuction or a neck lift removed.

Ear correction otoplasty

BERLIN-KLINIK International Hospital Plastic Surgery Department is offering you state oft he art highest level plastic and aesthetic surgery for your ears. Often protruding, prominent or disfigured ears can cause children problems when teased and rejected from peers. The ear correction which is also known as otoplasty or ear pinning is performed often in the early childhood or preschool age but is also possible later on in adulthood. During this procedure the malformation of the ear cartilage frame is corrected a new cartilage fold reconstructed. After the procedure, a forehead bandage including the ears has to be worn for three weeks. The procedure leads generally to a stable and harmonic result so that all teasing and other stigmatization cease to exist. Otoplasty is also indicated for other ear malformations as well like absence of specific or all even all parts of the ear like congenital microtia. These malformations can be corrected by using parts from other body regions like for example ribs, cartilage from the opposite ear and elsewhere and in this way the integrity and external aspect of the ear can be restored by a skilled plastic surgeon.

Eye lift surgery blepharoplasty

BERLIN-KLINIK International Hospital Plastic Surgery Department is offering you state oft he art highest level plastic and aesthetic surgery for your eyes. Sagging of the eyelids including the upper and the lower eyelid as well can give the face a rather tired and sad appearance. It will give you a more dynamic and healthy appearance. On the other hand, firm and tighter eyelids are pleasant and always positively characterized by others. The upper eyelid particularly, shows in the course of time a tendency to sag downwards and drop. Excess skin can then hang over the eyelid crease giving the appearance of an aged face what does not need to be! A Blepharoplasty can restore the freshness and youthness of the face by removing this eyelid (upper and lower) skin excess. An overcorrection though shoul be avoided since it can lead to a dysfunctional eyelid closure. In the hands of an experienced plastic surgeon, the eyelid lift is a safe procedure through which a fresh and natural face appearance can be achieved. Often an eyelid lift surgery can be combined with a miface or even a face lift.

Forehead lift brow lift

BERLIN-KLINIK International Hospital Plastic Surgery Department is offering you state oft he art highest level plastic and aesthetic surgery for your forehead and eyebrowes. A forehead lift is performed to lift the position of the eyebrows and forehead to patients with creases and deep frown lines that are responsible for an aged face appearance. The procedure is performed using an endoscope. An optic tube with a camera is inserted in a minimally invasive manner through three small incisions. Behind the hairline in the hair-bearing scalp. This procedure is called „keyhole surgery”.The skin and deeper layers are often then ‘fixed’ or attached to the bone. The results are a reversal of the effects of gravity, a tightening of soft tissues and a smoother forehead that will last in time. Saggy or low positioned eyebrows can be corrected as well through the same incision,. The result will be a youthful and dynamic appearance with a lifted forehead and smoother and frown free eyebrow areas. The forehead lift can be also combined with a face lift.

Nose correction rhinoplasty

BERLIN-KLINIK International Hospital Plastic Surgery Department is offering you state oft he art highest level plastic and aesthetic surgery for the functional improvement and also aesthetic appearance of your nose. The nose possesses a central part of the face and can define therefore our character and personality . Nose malformations, bumps, or size disproportions can distort the image of a harmonic and beautiful face. In these cases, a cosmetic nose correction also called nose job correlating to the patient’s wishes and expectations, can lead to an improvement of the form of the nose. It is always very important though, before a nose correction, to take into consideration the entire face, skin quality and characteristic measurements of the face and then proceed with the individual planning and reconstruction of the new nose.

Hair transplantation

BERLIN-KLINIK International Hospital Plastic Surgery Department is offering you state oft he art highest level plastic and aesthetic surgery for your appearance with full and healty looking hair. Hair loss is perceived by the sufferers as an aggravating distortion of the external appearance. Not only men but also women can suffer from hair loss or develop baldness named Alopecia. Through a special reconditioning procedure and under the use of a surgical microscope and magnifying glasses, hair together with their roots are harvested from donor sites from the cervical area and are then transplanted in the desired area. For a high and successful implantation rate, accompanying drugs known as 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor and dietary supplements can be prescribed. These drugs do you no considerable harms and can improve the surgical result markedly. Hair transplantation is especially appropriate concerning androgenic hair loss type meaning that hair receding in the androgen-sensitive areas at the temples and complete baldness in mens head can be reversed.

Secondary surgical treatment measures

BERLIN-KLINIK International Hospital Plastic Surgery Department is offering you state oft he art highest level plastic and aesthetic surgery for secondary reconstructive or corrective procedures. Secondary treatment measures refer to all procedures employed in order to improve serious aesthetic and or functional consequential impairments of burns, accident wounds, wounds of war action and insufficient pre-treatment cases including those that occurred years ago. Depending on the localization and extent of the burn, joint mobilization, skin excision and skin transplantation may be necessary. The therapeutic goal is to improve the patient’s life quality. The procedure coud also be sole aesthetic and directed in removing the burn scars so that the body’s image can be restored to its original state. However, through a scar removal over joints, a functional improvement can be achieved. Whether an aesthetic or a functional result is desired, all procedures are covered from health insurances. All special techniques being employed have one common goal: the replacement of a scarred area with intact skin. For this purpose, expanders so called balloons can be implanted and stepwise filled with saline so that the overlying skin is stretched and new skin is produced. Local or regional flaps, through rotation or shifting or pulling, can be used as substitutes to cover the scar areas. Sometimes, in the case of a face or hand burn, a thin skin graft is taken from the upper thigh and used as a transplant to cover the defective area. In some cases where the above procedures are not possible, a replacement tissue can be microsurgically harvested from a donor site and then transplanted to the defective area by connecting it to it’s blood circulation. In the case of an ear, nose and reconstruction of other structures, where cartilage is needed, ribs can provide the missing cartilaginous tissue. We perform all necessary and appropriate procedures and offer you our long experience in the field of Reconstructive burns and accident as well as terror- and war-wounds surgery.

Free gracilis muscle transfer

BERLIN-KLINIK International Hospital Plastic Surgery Department is offering you state oft he art highest level plastic and aesthetic surgery for nerve and muscle transfer. Plastic surgery can approach therapeutically a facial paralysis in different manners. We follow the concept of muscle transposition the so called Gillies plastic procedure and microsurgical nerve and muscle transplantation. Especially when not only a static facial symmetry needs to be reached, but also the restoration of the dynamics of the face like laughing capability are required , the employment of a microsurgical muscle transfer is considered. In the case of a total facial paralysis, the lid closure is not seldom corrected through a Gillies plastic procedure and as a second step, since the neighboring temporal muscle is already being used for the lid closure, a distally located muscle is transplanted in the nasolabial fold area. The skin fold that runs from the side of the nose to the corner of the mout). For this to succeed a motor nerve , meaning a functional thus nerve that will generate time-appropriate impulses to our donor muscle , is needed and is harvested from the lower leg, namely the sural nerve. This nerve serves as a pure sensory nerve of the lower leg and when removed leads to no sensory deficits since its action can covered from collateral nerves. The nerve will be then connected to the facial nerve of the healthy side of the face, like described in the cross-face -transfer, and will be directed towards the damaged facial side under the skin above the lip area. After a period of about 6 to 8 months the nerve will have “grown” in the opposite damaged facial side so that the muscle transplantation can follow. The muscle transplantation is employed when the nerve damage is so remote that the facial mimic musculature is failing and in a great degree wasted to the so called “point of no return”. In this procedure we harvest our cigarette-sized muscle transplant from the upper leg. The removed muscle is the gracilis muscle. This muscle is thin and slender like its name describes. After the removal there are no functional deficits and only a discrete thin 8 cm long scar is left behind. The muscle is harvested together with one artery and one vein so that a microsurgical connection in the recipient site of the chin to a corresponding efferent artery and efferent vein blood vessel is possible. Simultaneously, the nerve that was transplanted about 8 months ago can be finally sutured to the gracilis muscle. As a result the nerve axons can grow into the muscle and finally activate it. This means that the mouth corner can be synchronously with the opposite side elevated and a symmetric smile generated. Thus a great amount of the problematic can be solved through the field of plastic surgery.

The "Gillies" transplantation plastic procedure

BERLIN-KLINIK International Hospital Plastic Surgery Department is offering you state oft he art highest level plastic and aesthetic surgery for The Gillies’ procedure. This reconstructive plastic treatment refers to a compensational procedure in which the face motor skills movement abilities are reanimated after a damage of the facial nerve. In the case of a facial nerve damage, the corner of the mouth drops and the eyelids can cannot shut sufficiently so that a watch glass patch or protective eye patch has to be worn in the night. These symptoms can also occur independently when the facial nerve is partially damaged. An insufficient eyelid closure can cause a great deal of problems to the suffering patient and is therefore a central topic in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery. In order to restore the lid function, a muscle from the temporal region can ne transpositioned in such a way that a thin strip of the muscle fascia will be pulled on the upper and lower lid respectively. The temporal muscle is innervated from a motor branch of the trigeminal nerve and therefore remains intact even when the facial nerve is damaged. The temporal muscle is responsible for chewing and biting. During this procedure, only a 1 cm stripe of the muscle is being used and therefore there are no deficits after the muscle harvest and transposition. The harvested muscle strips and their fascia are so transpositioned that both reins such as on the upper- and lower lid respectively meet at the inside corner of the eye and are here sutured together. In this way the eyelid closure is once more possible through a contraction of the transpositioned muscle . The patients are not obliged to wear any protective eye patches after the operation since the lid closure is possible also when in bed. The human brain has the capability to learn this new motor-pathway and as new software, store it and re-organize the information in the brain cortex. As a result ,the new movement can be automated and with time, a synchronous lid closure with the opposite side and therefore a recovered face symmetry can be reached. The Gillies’ procedure represents a typical example of muscle transfers in the field of reconstructive plastic surgery and also in hand surgery in which an intact muscle is transpositioned in such a way that an affected function can be restored, a motor replacement operation. Furthermore the Gillies-procedure, through which an eyelid lift so called blepharoplasty is achieved, constitutes an indicative therapeutic measure that is characterized as reconstructive and not as aesthetic meaning that it’s expenses should be covered by health insurances. The goal of the procedure is to restore the eyelid closure in order to prevent the drying of the eyes. We are specialised in the field of facial reconstruction and offer all possible therapeutic procedures and approaches for the facial paralysis treatment.