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BERLIN KLINIK International Patient Office





Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Marina Lemenovskaya from BERLIN KLINIK International Office - BERLIN KLINIK International Hospital and International Dental Clinic for patients from abroad. BERLIN KLINIK medical services and International Patients Office

International Office Berlin Klinik Germany/Russia

Deputy Head of branch office: PM Dipl. Jurist (Ru) Marina Lemenovskaya

Tel. Office:     +49 (0)30-206796210

Tel. mobile:     +49 176 19 42 48 44

mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


For calls in english and russian language please dial:
+49 (0) 30 206 796 216
or mobile:
+49 (0) 1761 94 24 844


Если Вы говорите на английском или русском языке,

пожалуйста, звоните по телефону:
+49(0) 30 206 796 216
или мобильному телефону:
+49 (0) 1761 94 24 844






Berlin Klinik International Office for patients from abroad

Certified medical QM-quality management for hospitals

Berlin Klinik first class international dental care partners and patients

International Office premium travel companion

Top Lufthansa medical services - Intensive care unit above the clouds



Berlin Klinik International Office for patients from abroad

Satisfaction of demanding patients with provenand certified german quality is the only aim of the BERLIN KLINIK International Hospital and International Office. We try to make a sufficient contact and optimize communication between patient, hospital and doctor in Germany. Berlin Klinik International Office wants to be the link between the searching international patient and the corresponding German specialist. The International Offices arranges contact to the most qualified specialists in Europe if needed. We may also be scheduling complete travel arrangements including Visa, travel companion, up to 5-Star plus Hotel, medical interpreter and driving services. Almost everything you want the International Office led by the former russian lawyer and cusom officer Marina Lemenovskaya can arrange for you. Call her and tell her about your wishes and needs. International offices of BERLIN KLINIK are located in: St. Petersburg, Russia and Moscow, Russia, Prague, Czech Republic and Vienna, Austria (under construction). The picture Shows Marina from International Office and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in New York.



Certified medical QM-quality management for hospitals

The BERLIN KLINIK International Hospital and International Dental Clinic has passed a quality certification accreditation process with brilliance for membership to "Berlin's leading hospitals". This is the passed quality management systems: "Cooperation for transparency and quality in health care" (KTQ), "European Foundation for quality management" (EFQM), and "Joint Commission International Accreditation" (JCIA). In addition, the BERLIN KLINIK International Hospital and International Dental Clinic committed itself developed and constantly updated and improved quality standards. In 2016 the BERLIN KLINIK is in the process of further qualification to pass the QM standards for further optimized hygienical and technical medical hospital management. So that an optimum medical and surgical therapie quality level and dental implantological treatment level  - as well in outpatient as with inpatient therapies - to ensure security and highest level outcome and well-being of patients.



Berlin Klinik first class international dental care partners and patients

Berlin Klinik International Hospital partners and demanding patients trusted us for ambulant, outpatient- and inpatient treatments such as wide spread teeth mouth jaw surgery, oral surgery, prosthetic rehabilitation, metal free prosthetics, implantology, titanium and zirconium dental implants, bone reconstruction, periodontal treatments, general anaesthesia treatment, full anaesthesia dental rehabilitation, wisdom tooth removal, aesthetic dentistry, full ceramic veneers, zircon full ceramic fillings and crowns. They traveled sometimes far distance to join us for consultations and treatments from Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Angola, Antigua, Argentine, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belarus, Belgium, Belize, Benin, Bhutan, Bosnia, Botswana, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Chad, Chile, China, Colombia, Comoros, Congo, Costa, Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Djibouti, Dominican Republic, Dubai, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Estonia, Falkland, Islands, Faroe, Islands, Finland, France, Gabon, Gambia, Georgia, Ghana, Greece, Grenada, Guatemala, Guinea, Guinea, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kiribati, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Laos, Latvia, Lebanon, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macao, Macedonia, Malaysia, Maldives, Mali, Malta, Mexico, Moldova, Monaco, Mongolia, Montenegro, Morocco, Myanmar, Mozambique, Namibia, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, North Korea, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Rwanda, Samoa, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia, Seychelles, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Somalia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Swaziland, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Ukraine and especially from the cities of



International Office premium travel companion

The BERLIN KLINIK International Hospital and International Dental Clinic International Office premium package for medical travel as well as for dental travel to Germany: Our International Office Team can get off in the home country of residence or at the airport on request and attend you the entire journey to Germany. They will on your demand accompany you like a personal guide until after Berlin, and interpreting at the hotel as well as in the Clinic for you. The international office staff can be like a personal travel companion for your entire stay in Berlin. Come to Berlin as a patient with Deutsche Lufthansa: Medical tourism, medical travel and dental travel abroad safe and easy with BERLIN KLINIK International Hospital and international Dental Clinic and German LUFTHANSA global mealthcare mobility. BERLIN-KLINIK is by appointment global healthcare mobility - partner to Deutsche Lufthansa. BERLIN-KLINIK patients and foreign patients receive upon request special information material, as well as an access code for the Lufthansa healthcare mobility booking platform. About these personal access code, our patients and your guests are able to book flights online Particularly interesting because of increased flexibility and special conditions which Deutsche Lufthansa offers among with this premium service to the BERLIN KLINIK patients. Find out more on: and ask us about the booking code! This Lufthansa healthcare mobility fares are available also at your IATA/ARC travel agent. Your travel agency should contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the purpose of booking instructions. The International Hospital and international Dental Clinic BERLIN KLINIK is taking care for your travel to home as our patient. Out global healthcare mobility partner Deutsche Lufthansa is taking you home with a Medical & Emergency Repatriation Agreement. For patients who are sick and injured to transport them at reasonable and medically optimal conditions to their home town. If you're looking for an especially comfortable and easy way to travel, we recommend a Lufthansa private Jet.



Top Lufthansa medical services - Intensive care unit above the clouds

Lufthansa medical services include bookable extra services to help medical travellers and medical patients from abroad who need a sitting-, lying or Intensive transport conditions. Patient transport compartments (PTC) are possible for intensive transport. With the PTC, Lufthansa has created a unique Intensive Care Unit on intercontinental flights from or to Frankfurt/Germany. From Frankfurt you can easy go on to Berlin Potsdamer Platz directly to BERLIN KLINIK with Deutsche Bahn. Or fly to a berlin Airport. The PTC is a closed room which resembles with its high-quality equipment of an intensive care unit in 10,000 metres upon the clouds. Stretcher for lying transport are also possible. Lufthansa with the stretcher offers a convenient and safe means of transport for passengers can be transported only lying due to a medical indication. A companion aboard is required, however.



RBB Fernsehen berichtet über BERLIN KLINIK Auslandspatienten. RBB tv report about medical tourists in Berlin for first class dental treatment

International Hospital BERLIN KLINIK

Medical Tourism to Germany / Berlin. Foreign patients in Berlin. An important issue for many people seeking the best possible location for her medical treatment in Germany . The International Hospital BERLIN KLINIK is set to patients with the highest standards. We will welcome any foreign patients with open arms and hope to be able to fulfill all medical wishes. See a TV report of RBB television about a lady from Russia who came to Berlin as a patient to be treated with dental implants and full ceramic crowns at the BERLIN KLINIK International Hospitals Dental Department by Prof. Schermer.






International Patients – Diagnostics and therapy in Germany

BERLIN KLINIK International Hospital and Dental Clinic offers international patients the full therapy-spectrum of oral and maxillofacial medicine: Dental treatments and dental therapies, dental implants, implantology, aesthetic therapy and oral and maxillofacial operations as well as plastic and aesthetic surgery including prophylaxis and rehabilitation. To ease your understanding of the medical terms we have a small dictionary for you. The BERLIN-KLINIK combines specialists in diagnostics and application on the highest level. Our outstanding doctors and medical scientists have reached exceptional successes and their achievements are recognized worldwide. Their medical knowledge and professional care are guaranteeing you a first-class treatment in Berlin. We offer international patients: Diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation and check-up. For your comfort we provide the services of our International Offices. To answer you some frequently asked questions we have some faq about medical travel.




You already thought of getting medical treatment or dental treatment in Germany? It is very easy and uncomplicated with the right partners. Berlin is Germany's health capital. BERLIN-KLINIK International Office Team aims to provide individually tailored support and encourages you to travel to Germany! We will guide you and welcome you with open arms!




Medical and dental treatment in Germany

Please send us the following information

Costs of medical treatment planning in Germany

Medical Invitation for a Visa to Berlin

Discover Germanys Health Capital Berlin

FAQ- International patients medical treatment dental travel Germany



Medical and dental treatment in Germany

An international patient, coming to Berlin, Germany for a medical, dental or implantological Treatment will often need a visa. To apply for a visa you will need an invitation form or specified documents from the hospital. BERLIN KLINIK International Hospital and Dental Clinic International Office is delighted to send you all necessary documents. Please contact us if you need any assistance. For detailed information about special national procedures for your visa application please contact the German embassy in your country and give us information after. Once we know about your requirements in more detail, we will plan your therapy and calculate the approximate costs for your operation and teeth. For this we initially only need a current x-ray/Orthopantomogram and potentially some photos via email. For the first planning stage you won't need to come to Germany. Here you will find details about the overall process. It starts with the decision for a treatment in BERLIN KLINIK International Hospital and Dental Clinic and it ends with the discharge. Moreover you can find answers to general questions like treatment expenses, visa support, accommodation and information about Berlin. You may also find some helpful information. For further information or if you have a special request please contact the head surgeon via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Please send us the following information:

Surname, First Name and date of birth. Your treatment wish and main diagnosis if possible. Secondary diagnosis if possible. Present medical documentation if possible: results, x-ray. Note that your personal information will be saved and processed in accordance with the German Federal Data Protection Act (DBSG). We guarantee that your personal information can not be passed on to third parties without your consent. Often also medical examination data required. To avoid unnecessary additional examinations we encourage you to bring all current and medical results to BERLIN KLINIK International Hospital and Dental Clinic. Please bring all your latest medical documents, report, images with you to spare you additional examinations. Besides the medical reports this also includes your x-rays, CT- or MRI-scans and tissue samples. Patients, taking regular medication at home should bring those drugs with them or should provide a list of such drugs.



Costs of medical treatment planning in Germany

BERLIN KLINIK International Hospital and Dental Clinic provides for you a short-dated individual estimate/overview without any obligation, which includes the treatment type, the treatment expenses and the duration of the treatment, as well as all the information for the payment of costs. The cost estimate is an orientation overview guide over various cost to give you an idea of how high the arising expenses may become. Please be aware, that these costs are temporary and that you will receive the price for services rendered shortly before discharge. Due to the fact that the treatment expenses are higher than the cost estimate, we ask you to pay the additional payment in cash or by bank transfer. In case that the treatment expenses are lower than expected, we transfer the balance back to your account. The individual treatment expenses are depending on the duration of the treatment, the stage of the disease and the extended benefits for example a chief physical treatment or the category of your room. A detailled cost estimate will be created based on the information and wishes that you provide after consultation and diagnostics. The cost for first detailed diagnostics and therapy plans and offers is 250 Euro. Details of examination and treatment will be carefully planned following your wishes. Duration of the treatment will be offered following your wishes. Cost estimates and offers will be detailed and all inclusive. Bank details of BERLIN KLINIK will be send via email. If you have decided on a treatment with us, we will ask you to transfer the total amount.



Medical Invitation for a Visa to Berlin

After the payment is made and you request an invitation for you and your accompanying person, BERLIN KLINIK International Hospital and Dental Clinic International Office will send it to you to apply for a medical visa. We can also directly contact state authorities to help you to come to Germany fast and secure. We will carefully coordinate your admission: outpatient, inpatient, additional services: e.g. ambulance transport and we will organize an accommodation for your companion in the Berlin Klinik or at a hotel in the neighborhood if desired.



Discover Germanys Health Capital Berlin

Berlin City Highlights: The Reichstag Berlin is situated in viewable vicinity of the BERLIN-KLINIK Dental Hospital Berlin-Mitte. Parliament, government as well as embassies to 120 states are based in Berlin. Foreign media and international companies give Berlin an internationality that is unique in Germany. Besides, Berlin is with more than 400 tradeshows annually Germany's undisputed convention capital. Die Alte Nationalgalerie Berlin and Museum Island Berlin are situated 15 minutes from the BERLIN KLINIK International Hospital and Dental Clinic. Berlin is one of the most interesting cultural cities of Europe and houses a total of 2,300 cultural institutions. More than 170 museums and galleries, among them the UNESCO world cultural heritage site the Museum Island Berlin, 300 theatres, 300 cinemas, 3 opera houses and 11 symphony orchestras, among them the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra as well as a multitude of larger and smaller clubs and theatrical stages. Further, there are more than 500 castles and parks in the region of Berlin-Brandenburg. Olympic stadium Berlin. International sports events, e.g. the athletics event ISTAF and the Berlin Marathon, national leading clubs in football, basketball, volleyball and ice hockey as well as Polo and horse races are testament to the athleticism in this city. In addition, Berlin and the region offer a multitude of golf courses, wellness and other fitness possibilities. BERLIN KLINIK International Hospital and Dental Clinic takes care for numerous athletes even world champions in different disciplines. The variety of gastronomic possibilities is so big in Berlin that it is difficult to keep track. It is safe to say though that you will find any possible variant of international culinary specialties in its world-class restaurants, bistros, and smaller takeaways. The shopping-mile Friedrichstrasse and the Grand-Boulevard Unter den Linden are only 10 minutes on foot from BERLIN KLINIK International Hospital and Dental Clinic. The Hackesche Hoefe, the City West with the Tauentzien and Kurfuerstendamm as well as the newly created Potsdamer Platz are offering a wide spectrum of shopping opportunities. International top designers, the KaDeWe (Europe's largest shopping centre), large malls, but also small individual shops and boutiques fulfil all wishes. Tiergarten Park Berlin is only 5 minutes from BERLIN KLINIK International Hospital and Dental Clinic. Berlin is Europe's greenest capital. A quarter of the city consists of water-, forest and green areas. The region Berlin-Brandenburg is rich in lakes and inshore waters. An unusual attraction in the city centre is the Tiergarten: a large park situated right in the geographical centre of the city. A hunting reserve of the Prussian kings on the outskirts of the city at the time, it was later rebuilt in to a unique landscape park, which continues to present itself like an oasis in the heart of Berlin. There are many possibilities to discover the city while your friends or relatives are treated in BERLIN KLINIK International Hospital and Dental Clinic: city tours by bus or on foot, Berlin on a bicycle or on a boat. Even the historic East German TRABANT car is available for hire. Rent a TRABANT and get the original East German feeling to cruise the streets of Berlin.



FAQ- International patients medical treatment dental travel Germany

I would like to be examined as a foreign patient at the BERLIN-KLINIK international hospital. Unfortunately, I don't speak any German. What are my options?

Answer: No problem! There is the possibility that a member of the BERLIN-KLINIK Team understands you or that they can arrange an experienced translator for you.


I have read that a full reconstruction of all teeth and implants can be done in only one treatment under general anaesthesia?

Answer: Yes, that is possible. The doctoral team of the BERLIN-KLINIK international hospital has been offering these therapies for a long time. Important is the very detailed and comprehensive planning and preparation.


How high are the costs for a treatment with the BERLIN-KLINIK international hospital?

Answer: The treatment costs will be calculated individually at BERLIN-KLINIK international hospital. They are dependent on duration of treatment, the severity the illness, and the required additional services, e.g. the treatment through the chief physician or the room category.


I have heard that the BERLIN-KLINIK has a good international reputation. I would like to know how much the price of a reconstruction of my teeth under general anaesthetics would be? What are the costs of a dental implant?

Answer: The treatment costs for a reconstruction or an implant are among others dependent on additional chosen services and anatomical starting conditions. The costs will be computed for you individually. You will not have to travel to Germany for this. Initially, it is enough to sent us an x-ray via email.


How can I get a panoramic dental X-ray to ask for my quote?

Answer: A panoramic x-ray/OPG is not generally carried out only by dentists . Ask for a prescription from your doctor and the address of a medical imaging centre where you can go to have the OPG -X-ray. If possible, ask for a digital OPG, computerized or numeric X-ray which you can receive by email and forward to BERLIN KLINIK International Office.


How do I send the X-ray to BERLIN-KLINIK to get a quote?

Answer: Above all, do not scan, fax or photograph the X-ray yourself, as the result is not legible for a dentist because it may become too blurred and/or dark. Instead, send it to us by email if you have a digital X-ray to this address in Berlin: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or for our russian patients to our International Office: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What else is important to add?

Answer: Please attach all the following informations to your X-ray: Your Family name / surname, first name, email address and telephone number, and the type of treatment you wish to have from BERLIN KLINIK (e.g. dental implant, plastic surgery)


What maybe a false good idea?

Answer: Only sending us a quote drawn up elsewhere. The responsible BERLIN KLINIK doctor will always ask to see your panoramic X-ray before giving you a quote as he may not agree with the solution proposed because there are often many methods to achieve the same more or less successful result. Even be sure that it is definitely not possible to only compare offers by the price. Medicine and Dentistry today is much to complicated for such easy comparisons. All details are necessary to decide about an offer.


Are the travel cost included in the medical quote?

Answer: Dental Travelers sometimes ask us for a quote including the cost of transport and accommodation. These costs can vary slightly depending on the day of departure, how far in advance you book your trip, the place of departure and the type of hotel you wish to have. For this reason, it is not possible for us to give you these prices definitively with your quote! Therefor we provide for you the BERLIN KLINIK International Office.


Can I compare prices of detailled offers?

Answer: Sometimes it may be possible but mostly not. Do not only compare the price if you have several quotes! Also compare the following points guaranteed by BERLIN KLINIK International Hospital: Quality at worlds highest level in materials and techniques, International Office team and sometimes even a doctor who speaks your language perfectly, a doctor who is international reknown and a teacher in ist field, State controlled insurance covering the risk of any eventual complications, the possibility of having treatment in your country upon return and much more items. You only have one body - do not compromise!


How can I plan my travel and treatment schedule?

Answer: You choose the dates which suit you and email them to us. Then there are 2 possible ways: You check the time and price of your plane ticket and hotel reservation if necessary and communicate these to us. We will confirm quickly in 24h. The other way ist hat you call our BERLIN KLINIK International Patients Office and just tell them the time that you want to come to Berlin. Our International Patients Office will then arrange all your travel and stay if you want.


Are there any particular risks in going abroad for medical and dental treatment?

Answer: No, as long as you follow certain rules and if anything for you is not to understand then please ask immediately. We also insist on the fact that you must give us all necessary informations about your health and that you follow all instructions which the doctor will give you, for example, rest after the operation! It is impossible to eliminate risks at all ! However the risk of treatment abroad is not higher than in your own country. We even think that it is much more save and under better control in BERLIN KLINIK as in any other place.


What happens if there are complications abroad or upon my return?
Answer: We have much experience in treating demanding patients and will do everything in our power to avoid complications. BERLIN KLINIK doctors will give you all the necessary recommendations for good post-operative follow-up and will eventually recommend you a colleague near to where you live if necessary for a certain period. It is, however, impossible to eliminate all risks of complication in dentistry and medicine. It should be noted that complications are not necessarily attributable to the doctor's responsibility. They can sometimes occur due to a pre-existing condition, bad luck, or negligence or incompliance by the patient.


Can I go abroad with a friend / member of my family?
Answer: Of course, indeed we would recommend this. Going for treatment abroad is much more pleasant in good company. The slight increase in cost associated with being accompanied is largely compensated for by the benefits of having someone with you.


I am planning to come to Berlin for an outpatient examination. Would you be able to organise accommodation for me in the vicinity of BERLIN-KLINIK international hospital?

Answer: Yes, we can reserve a hotel in the neighbourhood of BERLIN-KLINIK international hospital for you.


Why don't you have before-after images of implants on the BERLIN-KLINIK homepage?

Answer: According to law the comparative display of appearance before and after treatment outside expert groups must not be used for advertising purposes. Spirit and purpose of the law (§ 11 No. 5 b HWG Law on Advertising in the Health Care System) is to mitigate and prevent deception and irrelevant, suggestive manipulation of medical laymen.


Is it still possible to still see before-after pictures of a similar implant operation like it is planned for me?

Answer: Reliant on many years of scientific documentation of operations and therapies and the results of thousands of surgeries and treatments by our medical areas of expertise all BERLIN-KLINIK doctors can in your personal consultation show you pictures that are exemplary of a potential result for you.


How will I pay for treatment?

Answer: Initially, we will send you a cost proposal by mail or upon request by fax. This will include all bank account details of the BERLIN-KLINIK international hospital, a description of treatment, costs and duration of treatment. You can then either transfer the treatment costs or pay in person with a credit card or in cash prior to the start of your treatment.


My daughter is two years old and has to have an operation. Would it be possible to stay with her in a patient room at the BERLIN-KLINIK international hospital?

Answer: Yes, accommodation of accompanying persons in the same room or upon request in an extra room is possible.


How long is the preparation phase for international patients prior to travel to Berlin for dental treatment?

Answer: In order to get all necessary formalities out of the way it might take up to seven to eight days. However, in the case of an emergency this can also be arranged quicker.


Can I pay directly at the BERLIN-KLINIK for my treatment or do all bills have to be settled by bank transfer?

Answer: Yes, you can pay in person by credit card or in cash. A prepayment will however be required in any case as soon as dates have to be planned for you.


Which documents are required for a visa application for medical treatment in Germany?

Answer: You will need: The invitation by the BERLIN-KLINIK Dental hospital Berlin-Mitte, potentially the booking confirmation of a hotel, a valid passport, a passport picture, and a completed visa application.


My mother is 70 years old and has to have an operation. Can I accompany her during dental treatment?

Answer: Yes of course, you can accompany your mother. In this case, we can send you an invitation, too. We can organize accommodation in the BERLIN-KLINIK or in a hotel nearby.


What should I pack for a stay in the hospital during medical treatment in Germany?

Answer: We recommend you bring the following: All existing medical documents, a list of all required medication as well as the medication itself, a pyjama or track suit, a pair of comfortable shoes, and cosmetics. during operation you can be dressed by BERLIN KLINIK healthcare Dep. with special desinfected hospital garments if you want.


Will I be able to use my mobile phone in the BERLIN-KLINIK ?

Answer: The use of mobile phones is generally allowed. However, we recommend to only use your mobile phone in the case of emergencies.



The US Library of Congress about medical and dental treatment in Germany. BERLIN-KLINIK International Hospital and International Dental Clinic International Patients Office medical travel and dental travel services

... about the German Health Care System


Read what the US Library of Congress which is the oldest federal cultural institution in the USA and serves as the research arm of Congress is telling about medical treatment in Germany. The US Library of Congress it is also the largest library in the world, with millions of books, recordings, photographs, maps and manuscripts in its collections. Says about the German healthcare system:


The German health care system provides universal access and coverage for the entire population.  It is, however, a decentralized and diversified system that consists of more than 200 insurers that compete with each other to some extent. These insurers are corporations with a public law status and they govern themselves, albeit within the limits of a statutory framework, and under the oversight of a federal agency. Some 90 percent of the population is covered by the statutory health insurance scheme (the German term for the social health insurance system). Yet Germany allows high income earners to opt out of the statutory system and to be privately insured, an option that close to 10 percent of the population exercises.


On the side of the health care providers, there is also much diversity and decentralization. Health care is provided by hospitals (and this includes treatment by physicians within hospitals) and by private practice physicians.  Hospitals may be owned by various entities, both private and public. Both private physicians and hospitals conclude agreements to become service providers for statutory health insurance schemes and these agreements are negotiated between the head associations of the health care providers and the head associations of the health insurers. German physicians are regulated primarily by state law. They form medical associations at the state level, and these state associations are affiliated with a Federal Medical Association. The medical associations are self-governing bodies. They shape the responsibilities of the medical profession in many ways, among them, by defining standards of care for medical treatments.


Malpractice and Liability Laws in Germany: The concepts of medical malpractice laws in Germany are similar to what is practiced in the United States, and are based on Germany's Civil Code provisions on liabilities derived from contracts and the tort system. Medical liability is defined as including defective treatment, erroneous diagnosis and medications, failure to provide disclosure and treatment using unauthorized means or personnel. Damages are entirely compensatory and not punitive and are based on Civil Code provisions that attribute the actual losses suffered by the patient, including loss of earnings and damages for pain and suffering.


Pros for a treatment in Germany definitely are its top notch medical facilities: German hospitals follow the highest international standards and are up-to-date with the latest medical equipment and technologies. Highly qualified physicians: Medical professionals undergo a strict and rigorous training process before they can practice their profession. Availablity of complicated medical procedures: Medical treatments that are not available in the less developed countries can be obtained in Germany. Plus the safe environment: Safety is not an issue in Germany, due to its highly stabilized society, low crime rate, and no political unrest.